43rd (Wessex) Division "Jeep"

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  1. patrick Vaudreville

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    Hello all.
    I have been following this forum for a long time but this my first post here, and sorry for my bad English.
    I am looking for all information about Jeep in the 43rd (Wessex) division.
    In which units ?
    Markings ?
    Photos ?
    In fact, all information will be welcome.
    thanks for help.
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  3. Trackfrower

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    Most units in The Division would use Jeeps, what is your interest?
  4. patrick Vaudreville

    patrick Vaudreville New Member

    Hello all,
    For google it is of course already done, thanks.
    A good friend of mine restored a jeep and wants to make 43rd (wessex) markings.
    he doesn’t want to do anything stupid, and i make research for him.
    it’s really hard to find pictures of jeep of the 43rd (Wessex)
    I looked at all the pictures of IWM.
    Does anyone have any pictures ?
    thanks for help.
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  6. Owen

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    From "Private Young's War" facing page 33.
    He was in 4 Wilts.

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