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    Steve welcome to the forum. Thanks for posting photos. If you could post scans of his paper work maybe more information about Wallace Bonham could be learned.

  2. ethan

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    Great Photos, many thanks for posting them.
  3. David Pearson

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    My sister and I have recently found photos of my Dad, David Pearson who was definitely in 45th Recce and probably in 7th Troop A Squadron. There is a photo of Dad in India in 1942 with 3 Batmen. We don't have their names.
    On the 7th Troop photo, there is Fred Pett and Don Salmon(one of two guys), and an un-named Sergeant Major. If anyone recognises a relative please shout.

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    Welcome to the forum. Great to have another Recce on board.

  5. David Pearson

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    Thanks Paul,
    We've recently received some more photos of 45th Recce, so I'll upload them with the information we have.


  6. David Pearson

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    I've uploaded 2 photos of 45th Recce. One is of 14 people posing as a football team. Our father David Pearson we think is the second person in from the left of the front row.
    The other photo shows 10 people sat cross legged in uniform.
    Don Salmon and Fred Pett were on the previous photos which we uploaded.

    We wondered if Alfred Berry, William Nance, Edwin Lunnon, Clifford Worrall or Herbert Thornton might be on these photographs.

    All the best


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  7. David Pearson

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    Hello fellow Recce forum members,

    I've uploaded 2 more photos of 45th Recce soldiers.

    The top photo we think was taken in India.

    The second photo has Don Salmon bottom right and our father second in from the right in the back row. This photo is of 7thTroop, a Squadron, 45th Recce.



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  8. Jill Finn

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    Hello 45th Recce members, my brother David and I have been researching our Dad's wartime in Burma in the 45th Reconnaissance. His name was David Pearson. In doing so, we fell upon a photo of our Dad on Akhil Kadidal's Chindits in Photos with a group of other 45th Recce men (see above photos). We have been in contact with the contributor, Jane Barlow (aged 90) who is the sister of Fred Pett who was killed 18th April 1944. His close pal Don Salmon is also on the photo and he, too was killed on that day. As you will know, it was a terrible day for the 45th and on your Roll of Honour there are many who lost their lives on that day. Jane has recently sent us more new images of 45th Recce soldiers. It would be great if more are recognised and remembered. Jane, living in Canada now,is sincerely touched that her brother has not been forgotten.
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    Hi Jill,

    Good to see you and David on the forum. I hope it leads to more information about your Dad.

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    So great seeing more 45 recce pictures here
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    Hi David,
    I've been trying to find some information about my grandad, Alfred Berry, for some time now. I have stumbled across this thread and you have posted photos and mention his name :)...did your father mention Alfred Berry? Was he in his troop? I'd love to find out more and, if possible, obtain a couple of less grainy images, so I can compare the faces withe the one photograph that I have of him.

    I look forward to continuing my research, cheers.

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