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    Who wrote this ?
    The 46th Div's emblem was the oak tree, it looks like an oak tree.
    The cap badge of the Recce Corps / Recce Regt looked like a Xmas tree, due to the lightning flashes in it.
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    Designed by Tpr George Jones, 56 Recce, adopted 29 July 1941.
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    Mind you, having spent years dodging bullets in Africa, Sicily and Italy, it would cost you 6d if you wanted one!
    Badge-Recce 2.jpg
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    Hugh Lake, Major Waugh's son in law, wrote it.
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    I was very sorry to hear of Douglas Waugh's passing in 2019. I was in touch with him until 2018 and we corresponded for a while after I met him at the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino in Italy in May 2014.

    :poppy: RIP Douglas

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    Yes, it is very sad. I am sad I did not get to see Douglas Waugh to say goodbye. Always so witty and thoughtful.

    Douglas Waugh had a large loving family who took very good care of him always so he was surrounded with support and kindness.
    He lived to 101! A sign that caring families keep you going.
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    I was very sad to here about Mr. Waugh. I thought about him a lot after my Dad died. Was reading the letters they sent each other earlier today. He had some great stories, so I bet the book is great. Has anyone read it?

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