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    Hi chaps

    I always used this table I got from some French website ages ago. I'm 99% sure the Hallamshire's were in the senior brigade (white 57 on a red background?).
    Screenshot 2018-05-01 14.39.23.png

    These are photos of C-Coy The Hallamshire's CO's Jeep post D-Day
    Can anyone spot any other errors please? I'm mainly looking at the Hallamshires, DWR and DLI brigade seniority...which were in senior, middle and junior brigades?

    Thanks in advance

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    I've got an Orbat for 49Div somewhere so could check this weekend if someone else doesn't answer in the meantime.
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    Cheers that would be great; does it show which brigades were senior etc?
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    Not sure about the seniority bit but I should be able to work it out. Please PM me with a reminder if I forget: I've a lot on at the moment and suffering a dose of overload!
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    Malcolm Bellis lists 146 Brigade as senior in 49 FDiv. I don't believe that there is an order of precedence with brigades as there is with regiments.
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    Smudge, you can be 100% sure that the Hallams were in the senior brigade (146 Bde) and used 57 on red as the unit sign, certainly from Feb 43 to Jun 45. I attach the vehicle markings of 49 Inf Div, as found in the Standing Orders of May 1944. Note that 56 Inf Bde replaced 70 Inf Bde in Aug 44, and it remained the junior brigade......

    I believe that the other inf div markings in your charts are very nearly correct. (51 Inf Div is not quite right)


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    Smudge how's Barnsley these days?

    Proof that 146 Brigade were the senior Brigade in the Division comes from their insignia showing the one horizontal bar indicating the senior Brigade (2 bars next senior and 3 bars junior Brigade). As seen in this picture.

    quick plug for a good resource! york and lancaster regiment badges

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  8. John L Dixon

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    10th and 11th DLI and 1st Tyneside Scottish - the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) [and originally 12th DLI until 1/2/1940] were the constituent Infantry Battalions of 70th Infantry Brigade from its inception on 1/9/1939 to disbandment at the end of August 1944. All three Battalions were second-line duplicates of 6th, 8th and 9th DLI while 70th Brigade was a duplicate of 151 Brigade. The genesis of the unit is described on the Memorial Website at www.newmp.org.uk/70brigade

    They were the junior brigade of 49th Division from about mid-1942 and the sleeve patch had, as a result, three horizontal red bars.

    Hope this is helpful.

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