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    Anyone have any info on this regiment?

    My Father was RAOC (later REME) and with a LAD attached to this regiment from 30 June 1942 till 7th Feb. 1943.

    I know he was in North Africa at this time and believe he was at Alamein with this regiment?
    any info gratefully received as to where and what this regiment was up to during these dates.
    many thanks.
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    An outline of their movements here.
    RA 1939-45 4 Fld Rgt
    Thanks, Owen, thats given me more avenues to explore to fill in the gaps in my research.
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    Does anyone have the content of the links above....trying to find out about 4 Field Regt in Burma but the links are broken and go nowhere.
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    Here is my summary history of the 4th Field Regiment, RA:

    4th Field Regiment, RA
    Station: Mena, Egypt
    Batteries: 4th (Cole’s Kop), 7th (Sandham’s Company), 14th (Corunna), 66th

    The regiment mobilized at Hyderabad, Sind on 1 August 1939 and moved to Mena, Egypt before the outbreak of war. It served under 11th Indian Infantry Brigade in Egypt on the outbreak of war. It joined 4th Indian Infantry Division on 6 October 1939. It was reorganized with 4th/14th and 7th/66th Batteries on 10 October 1939. It trained in the western desert in November 1939 and returned back to Cairo after than. It moved to the Sudan on 10 August 1940, where it arrived on 28 August under HQ Troops in Sudan. It moved to Khartoum by 31 August and was ordered to Berbera by sea less a battery. Unfortunately it was sent to late and returned to the Sudan. It came under command of 9th Indian Infantry Brigade there on 16 September and joined 5th Indian Infantry Division on 7 October 1940. 7th/66th Battery was detached to 28th Field Regiment for operations at Melemma. The regiment was located in the Haiya area in January 1941. It then served with the division in East Africa until it returned to Suez, Egypt on 16 May 1941. It proceeded to Mena Camp, coming under command of British Troops in Egypt.

    It moved to Palestine shortly after and came under command of 16th Infantry Brigade at Haifa and Jerusalem on 19 June 1941. It served in Syria with 6th Infantry Division. It returned to Tahag, Egypt on 24 September 1941 and came under 8th Army on 10 October 1941.

    It rejoined 5th Indian Infantry Division on Cyprus on 6 November 1941. It returned to Egypt in April 1942 as part of 9th Indian Infantry Brigade Group at Quassassin. It was reorganized with 4th, 7th, and 14th/66th Batteries on 6 May 1942. It moved to the Western Desert on 15 April. 309th Anti-Tank Battery was under command from 2 June 1942 to 9 July 1942. 4th Battery was placed on suspended animation on 20 August 1942 due to casualties.

    The regiment came under command of 4th Indian Infantry Division on 18 September 1942 in Egypt, under 44th Infantry Division on 14 September and under 7th Armoured Division on 18 September. It remained with 7th Armoured Division until 10 December 1942, leaving Egypt on 12 November 1942 for Libya. It returned to RA Base Depot in Cairo on 26 December 1942 and was sent to Palestine to join 5th Indian Infantry Division on 25 February 1943.

    It remained with the division until 22 June 1945, except for a brief attachment to 17th Indian Infantry Division in Burma from 24 to 28 June 1944. 522nd Battery joined the regiment on 9 April 1943. The regiment arrived in India with the division at Bombay on 6 June 1943 and moved to the Ranchi area. It moved to Lohardaga on 6 September 1943 and by plane to the Arakan on 27 October 1943. It left the Arakan by plane and moved to Palel on the Assam/Burma border on 21 March 1944. It then remained in Burma until the end of the war. It left the division on 22 June 1945 and came under 17th Indian Infantry Division for the rest of the war.

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