5181606 PSM Boswell Ernest Oxtoby, MBE, Gloucestershire Regiment: Repatriated POW

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    This guy commanded 9 Platoon in A Company of the 2/Gloucesters. On 27 May he and most of his company were sent to Zuytpeene from Cassel to hold the village against the German advance. I cannot find Oxtoby listed as a POW or on the CWGC website as being killed. He is awarded a MBE in 1944. Does anyone know is he was an escaper? Can't seem to find out about this guy. Any help appreciated.

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    Were there still PSMs after 1940? The date of his award and the fact that he is still assigned PSM rank in 1944 might suggest that it indeed relates to service in the 1940 campaign and that he had been a prisoner.

    Just seen DBH's post - Kloster Haina seems to have been a POW hospital for the blind.
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    From Ancestry:
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    Probably the reason why he doesn't turn up on POW lists - he was a repatriated POW.

    London Gazette:-
    LG - MM entry

    . There's no entry that I can find in the TNA WO373 series for this recommendation; it appears to be one of those LG dates which are missing from the archives. Again, as Rich says, going by the rank, it's likely to refer to actions in 1940.
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    From an Ancestry family tree:

    Boswell Ernest OXTOBY
    BIRTH 17 FEB 1915 • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    DEATH 18 AUG 1979 • Somerset, Somerset, England

    England & Wales, Death Index, 1916-2007

    Name: Boswell Ernest Oxtoby
    Birth Date: 17 Feb 1915
    Date of Registration: Sep 1979
    Age at Death: 64
    Registration district: Somerset
    Inferred County: Somerset
    Volume: 23
    Page: 1382

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    Thanks guys, yes I have found his MBE but the repatriation is new to me. I'll chase that one up, Many thanks to all

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    Just for info


    Reference: WO 373/94/460
    Name Oxtoby, B
    Rank: Platoon Serjeant Major
    Service No: 5181606
    Regiment: Gloucestershire Regiment
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: The London Omnibus List For Gallant and Distinguished Services in the Field
    Award: Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
    Date of announcement in London Gazette: 27 April 1944
    Date: 1943-1944
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew
    Former reference in its original department 68/Gen/7276
    Legal status: Public Record
    Closure status: Open Document, Open Description


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