5th East Yorks, October 1944

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    Does any one have an account / WD entry of what they were doing on or around 1st/2nd October 1944.

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    From Monty's Northern Legions by Patrick Delaforce page 96.

    The first serious German counter-attack came on 30 September on the East Yorkshires, with seventy tanks and the equivalent of an infantry division. The rest of 69 Brigade and 5th Guards Brigade were holding the line , and another attack was put in on the Wessex Wyverns across the Neder Rijn. The intensity of the attack and defence can be judged by the fact that 124th Field Regiment RA fired a total of 12,500 25-pound shells during the action and 'B' Company of 2nd Cheshires 95,000 rounds of medium-machine-gun fire. Twelve enemy tanks infiltrated the 7th Green Howards' position , which they held with great difficulty from 0700 to 2300 hours, when the East Yorks relieved them. Squadrons of 13/18th Hussar tanks supported 69 Brigade most effectively. The GOC ordered 151 Durham and 231 Brigades up to relieve 69 Brigade.
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    Thanks Owen,

    This gives me the lead up to the time period I am interested in, ie from the time that E Yorks took over from Green Howards. It is what happened then that I am trying to get a second opinion of.

    In amongst the usual WD 'speak', I thought this unusual and it piqued my interest.

    From 2IG WD, 2 Troops of which were in support of 2 Platoons of East Yorks:

    ... Until the afternoon (15.00hrs) the mortar and shell fire continued on this sector, though no more infantry attacked. Considerable difficulty, however, was experienced by the tank crews in persuading our own infantry to remain in position. To say the least, the co-operation was not as good as we had a right to expect.

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