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    Hi all,

    Due to lockdown have started researching my family's war stories. My grandfather was in the 5th Recce and took part in Operation Husky. He was wounded at some point in the Sicily campaign and spent the rest of the war based in Cairo in the Mechanisation Experimental Establishment which i can't see to find much about. We have requested his war records to help piece together the gaps.

    I've had a look through a lot of the posts referencing the 5th recce which have been really helpful and a great resource. Look forward to finding out more

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    Welcome, only way to go is to obtain his service records: EDIT, sorry should have read your post properly!!
    Get a copy of military service records

    If you care to post full name plus any other information you have it could be helpful although remember that there is not a great deal of information in the public domain.
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