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    do you know in wich Glider Private David Duce, of 9th Para Bat Signal Platoon was?

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    Hi Ben,

    I have him jumping from CN 342, a 9 Para stick, out of RAF Broadwell on Op Tonga. Part of that stick landed in the flooded area east of Varaville. Terry Jepp mentions coming across Pte. Duce not long after landing in his diary (Appx E, 9 Para WD) and in an oral account on the IWM. The Jepp party were the first group of Airborne men to arrive at the Vermughen Farm. Duce also turns up in the book "How like a Wilderness" by Roland Gant (Cracknell).

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    Hi Cee. Thank's for answer !!

    I have always thought he was glider ,because he doesn't wear a parachut trousers


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    CN342: Sgt Fred GARRETT stick:
    from N°1 to N°13: dropped between Villers Sur Mer- Saint Pierre Azif- Saint Vaast En Auge
    from N°14 to N°20: dropped into Dives Sur Mer
    David DUCE was N°16
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