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    does anybody know if a nominal roll or detailed publication exsists for the 6AB Div signals from 1943-1948, including palestine service?

    I am trying to trace the career of a Signalman (later Sgt) J Smith, near impossible i know but worth a shot...

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    Dear Rick,

    If you look on this link below there is a history of the 6th Airborne Sigs this is a copy of a book written on all of Airborne Sigs from WWII to modern day.

    I have a Nominal roll list for K Section will try to find that for you.

    There is very little on 6 AB Sigs which is a shame as they were integral to the AB Corps.

    You can contact Duxford Archives about Sgmn J. Smith as they will have his parachute record and even Royal Signals museum archives may have something too.



    Regimental Histories
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  3. Good evening
    I just stumbled across this post and not sure but hoping you may be able to assist. For number of years I have been researching family history including my grandad's Army career, unfortunately he dies whilst I was very young so I could not talk to him. He was In the Royal Signals and with 6th Airborne from 1943-1945 however we do not know from which section his war record does not show. So far other archives have not been able to assist but I was wondering if you still had the nominal roll for K section which you could search for me.
    regards Angela
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    If his name is Croxall he was wounded on the 13th June 1944. Below is from 6th Airborne Divisional Signals War Diary
    don't believe he was with K Section. He may be one of the four casualties on 13th June if he was not attached to either of the three brigades. Three other Signalman were wounded on the 13th June Donoghue, Rushworth and Courtney.

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  5. brithm

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  6. Thanks, yes he has the same surname as me and that is definately him, 13th and evacuated back to the UK. We are just trying to see if we can piece together the best possible guess of which brigade he was with and where he may have been.
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    Angela-Not sure it is a good idea to use your e-mail address as your username. Any member of the public checking the forum can see it.
    The moderators can change it if you like. Just a thought.

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    Hi Rick, Just come across this and not sure if your still active but what info do you have for K Section as my grandfather was with them after training in Dec 44' and through the remainder of the war and also Jave - Palestine?

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  9. Alex1975uk

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    Hi. Do you know which battalion he was attached to?
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    Hi Alex,

    He was 14573048. Sigmn Reginald Foley, K Section, 5 Para, 6th Airborne Div Signals. I have attached a link below to the Paradata record I submitted so feel free to have a look for more info : )

    Reginald L Foley | ParaData
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  11. Alex1975uk

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    Many thanks.
    If you’re interested I have some diagrams on how the Division / Brigade Signals worked within the 6th Airborne?
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    Thanks and that would be great. Being new to this platform I'm not sure if there is a DM function to send you my email address? cheers
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    Yes, click on my profile name and it should give the option of “start conversation”
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    A couple of 6th Airborne Signals men, Eric Joseph Beadle was wounded 6/8/44 he was a lineman and embarked 24/6/44 - Philip Howard Austin seems to have been a driver in Q Section

    620 beadle.jpg 647 austin.jpg
  15. have PMd you
  16. AB64

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    Another 6th Airborne Signaller - Henry Orlando Ridgley - always interested in finding out more about him or Beadle/Austin mentioned above

    1522 RIDGLEY.jpg
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  17. Do you have much info regarding K section. I fear many of the posts here are very old and i may not get a reply
    My father was Cprl Thomas Alfred Smith 817089

    He's in the Div signals pic the K section pic and the video ( holding the pigeon box )

    I would put his picture up only the tech wont let me

    Landing Craft - Gliders
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    Hi. Nothing there!
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