79 squadron battle of france

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    Largely limiting my ww2 knowledge to memoirs, can anybody shed light on the nameless CO of 79 squadron who suffered gut (guts?) trouble for the 10 days they were in France before a miraculous recovery to claim a hurricane to get back to England? This is based on Dimsie Stones no holds barred memoir which also slates a wing commander who ordered them to strafe tanks with .303 ammunition. I know we have some 1940 walking encyclopaedias on this forum, so any info is welcome.
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    From Squadron Leaders
    Two COs in May.
    Joslin was later killed July 7 1940 in a friendly fire incident, still leading 79 Squadron.
    J. D. C. Joslin - Aircrew Details - Aviation Directory

    Some more info here:
    Battle of Britain London Monument - F/O T C PARKER
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    Perfect thanks. Alexander it is then. Stones speaks highly of Joslin. I wonder if he’s in one of the pics labelled as A N Other, as other group shots say ‘unknown’ where appropriate.

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