7th Battalion Green Howards

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  1. John Moore

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    Does anyone have the war diaries for the 7th Battalion Green Howards? The Battalion was raised in Bridlington, East Yorks, with the core of the HQ Company being made up of former pupils of Bridlington School. As such the local cenotaph features a number of 7th Bn casualties & any further information on them would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Oldman

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    Try a visit to Richmond and the regimental museum they would possibly be able to help you.
  3. Paul Reed

    Paul Reed Ubique

    I have the diaries for Normandy - what information do you want?
  4. John Moore

    John Moore Member

    Most of the losses occurred in N Africa & Sicily but I have a few Green Howards lost in Normandy. I've got Arthur Clarkson who died on the 11/06/1944 (though I'm unsure whether he was 6th or 7th Bn.) & Harry Foster who died on 10/08/1944. So any information relating to those dates would be really helpful.
  5. ChrisC

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    I would also be interested in some of this, particularly 15 June 1944.

    I have a bit of an anomaly. Someone I know's granddad (7Bn G Howards) was killed he says in North Africa but is buried in CWGC Bayeux. The date of death is 15/6/44 and I have the GH in Normandy. I'm guessing its the usual story that a family myth has got the facts wrong but I need evidence.

    Oh yeah hes called Frank Hodgson
  6. Hi Folks,

    I'm not a Green Howards expert but I was wondering if any of you chaps know if there might be any way of finding out my grandfather's movements with the regiment. I have his service records which say he was discharged from the Green Howards. James E. O'Neil (along with a large part of his battalion) was transferred into the Green Howards on the 26 August 1944 when his original 8th (Irish) Battalion of the Liverpool Kings was disbanded. According to his service records and Army Book 64 he was injured 20 September 1944. His army number was 3773337 but I don't know anything about his time in the Green Howards albeit short - is this a long shot?

    Michael O'Neil.
  7. Steve Wakefield

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    Also interested in 7th Green Howards.
    My father in law, Sgt John Weston Sampson was in this unit, and appears on Brid war memorial as KIA but was in fact captured in North Africa (a fact which greatly amused him).
    I am making a new thread dedicated to filling in gaps we have in his WW2 record, including his recommendation for an award of a Military Medal, which sadly he never received during his lifetime.

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