A.E Robinson balloon Sqn killed by enemy action 1940

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    Thank you every body so very kind of you
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    840221 Robinson

    840141 enlisted AAF 11 October 1938, which seems about the right sort of date
    846230 enlisted AAF November 1938

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    from CWGC

    Thank you for your recent e mail.

    The graves of AET Robinson and EA Robinson are marked with a private memorial in the form of a 2' white marble headstone, with kerbs. It is located in the opposite corner of the Plot to CH Groves, 25m forward of the Commission headstone to CH Bushnell and 4 right.

    We hope this is helpful.

    Kind Regards,
    CWGC Enquiries Team
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    In the spirit of "practice what you preach" I applied to the GRO for a copy of A E T's death certificate.

    Where died
    Military Hospital for Head Injuries, Oxford

    Cause of Death
    Asphyixia due to respiratory failure due to trauma of the Cervical portion of the spinal cord due to a fracture dislocation of the fourth and fifth cervical vertibrae resulting from an accidental fall.

    Certificate received from Coroner for the City of Oxford. Inquest held 14th August 1940

    So not due to enemy action, not a death on Balloon unit site.

    Get a copy of the death certificate - all becomes clear - no possibly - no guesses.


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