A Murderous Alliance

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    Tomorrow 80 years ago,
    this pact was signed by both nations with different hidden agendas I believe.
    In other countries, this pact is also known as Stalin Hitler pact.

    Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact - Wikipedia

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    You are correct Stefan.There was sense of disappointment by the British government for the fact that Eastern Europe had been carved up by the two ideologies...spheres of influence agreed which surprised the British government.

    It would have been clear to GB and France that the guarantee of the right of Poland to exist would be difficult to maintain.

    The lesson to be learnt by GB from before this pact was that every peace overture made by Hitler to others became a signal that eventually Hitler would wage a war of aggression against the signatories.Hitler had signed a 10 year non aggression pact with Poland as early as 1935 but it transpired from the Hossbach Conference of November 1937 that Hitler had plans for war despite peace assurances....the idea of the Greater German Reich was born.

    Fortunately for GB and Western Europe,Hitler broke the German/ Russian Pact in June 1941 leading Germany to fight on two fronts with the resultant attrition rate eventually leading to the collapse of Hitler's Third Reich.
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