Aerial photographs of Allied bombing raids on Japanese occupied Burma.

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    Footage from the American archives - Burma Mission


    Summary: AVs, bombs fall on targets: Prome, Tangup, Kennedy, Peak, Wyataung, and Indainggyu. Good shots, bombs covering target areas. B-29s BOMB BANGKOK, THAILAND.: 11/27/1944. AVs, B-29s in flight. AVs, B-29s drop bombs on Bangkok. MISSION TO FRENCH INDOCHINA.: 11/27-28/1944. AVs, B-24s drop bombs on Hanoi. ATTACKS AGAINST THE NETHERLANDS EAST INDIES.: 11/01/1944. AVs, B-25s flying over water, drop bombs on various targets. Good CU, B-25 in flight showing gun turrets and other details of plane. AV, B-25 strafing small Japanese ships. BOMB DAMAGED SCHWEINFURT, GERMANY. Low level, AVs, bomb-damaged buildings and ball bearing factories.
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    There are some excellent images here -- thanks for posting, Extreme.
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    I'll second that sentiment. Disappointed I missed this back in July.
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