Albert James Jones 5th bn the Wiltshire Regiment

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    The stripes on the left arm are Good Conduct Stripes not a Corporal's chevrons. Have you obtained his Service Records as per Post 2? Waiting time is now down to about 6 weeks.

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    Further to TD's Post you should also note that the Dunkirk Medal is an unofficial commemorative medal and should not be included on the bar of his official Service Medals. No Dunkirk Medal was issued by the UK Government.

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    2nd Wilts were in the BEF & were evacuted .

    War Diaries - The Wardrobe housing The Rifles Berkshire and Wiltshire Museum

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    Hi Tim,
    thank you for clearing this up, I have applied for his records but haven't received an answer yet.

    Could anyone shed some light on the photos though? Do you recognize the other soldiers' units? Or the places that the photos were tanken in? Has anybody heard of this Mr Fagan ? I'd be really interested in finding out more.
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    There is a Pte T B Fagan, 5572378, Wiltshire Regt (Battalion not shown) listed as Wounded DNR (Date Not Reported) on Casualty List 1514 dated 2 Aug 44.

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