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    Hi all

    I’m trying to understand what British radar units were in use overseas and their capabilities, especially around 1940-42. Searching on the web, I find a variety of sites offering their take on it all, but they seem to raise more questions than answer for me.

    They deployed COL (Chain Overseas Low), which was a version of Britain’s home defence CHL (Chain Home Low), with I think had a capability of identifying an aircraft at 500 feet, 25 miles out. I’m not sure of the height of the towers they used, or of what construction, but the units were deployed in permanent locations.

    However, it’s a bit murkier for me with the overseas version of CH (Chain Home). The two designations I’ve found used are TRU and MRU.

    TRU (Transportable Radio Unit) seems to be a version of CH, but could be broken down for transportation, but I can’t really be sure of that, or its performance

    MRU (Mobile Transportable Radio Unit) is, I think, mounted on the back of a Crossley IGL3 truck, and may be a latter mark of the TRU, and I think had a 100-foot mast that could be erected relatively quickly. Again, performance is something I’m very unsure of.

    If anyone out there can shine a bit of light, I’d be grateful

    Fatboy Coxy
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    I dug out my copy of Canadians on Radar in South East Asia 1941-1945 to see what it said.
    The following is from Appendix II AMES: Air Ministry Experimental Stations
    A: Ground stations types
    Not sure if this adds much to your search

    EDIT: book is available here with author's permission: Canadians on Radar in South East Asia 1941 - 1945

    For a wider range of radar use see the site's main page: The Canadians on Radar

    I also have a very indepth book on Malta's radar, Malta's Early Warning System During WW2 which goes very indepth and gets quite technical but does have some great pictures. I'll see if I can dig it out and post some.

    Malta's Early Warning System during World War II
    Book charts Malta’s role in radar ‘magic’
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