Anglo Afghan War 1919

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  1. Though I know it's WW2 forum but with so many profound history renders around I thought it to be appropriate, to post it here Coz I feel I will get my answers here
    What was the Role of 2 (Noshehra) Infantry Brigade in 3rd Anglo Afghan War? Who was the brigade commander? For how long was it stationed in Landi Kotal after the War?
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    No worries about posting non-WW2 military queries, moved thread to the 'PreWar' section of the forum.
    I hope the members can help, I'm sure they can.
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    What units were in the brigade at the time? Regimental histories are probably the most useful published sources, though not necessarily easy to find.
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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  7. Thank you all. The input given was very valuable. Baynot charge by troops ex 2 Noshera Brigade is what earned the brigade crest engraved "Noshera" on it . That's what I was searching for 2 Stafford Batallion was remarkable indeed
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    Some excellent links there. I've squirrelled some away for a rainy day's reading.
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    Ahmed, I'd really appreciate you keeping us updated on anything further you discover. My great uncle was with the Black Watch in India in the 1920s and heard they were in Afghanistan at times also. I'll be looking through the links above also to see what's there. The Black Watch museum have very little in their archives in Scotland apart from a few photographs which I still need to go and see in Perth. Thanks for starting this topic. Maria
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    There is a FIBIS Fibiwiki page Operations in Waziristan relating to this period.
    Operations in Waziristan - FIBIwiki
    Note: one of the links is to an online book on the Digital Library of India, which is current closed.

    There is a FIBIS Fibiwiki page 42nd Regiment of Foot which has some relevant links.
    42nd Regiment of Foot - FIBIwiki

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    Interesting read on Waziristan, will check it out. My father was with the RE's and Bombay Sappers & Miners.
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    Thanks for the additional links Maureen.
  14. My dears I am in process to chart some kind of collaged run down of NWF region. Will post a comprehensive run down a brief I'm few days
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    Post No.5 refers to an online article 'Army in India & Frontier Warfare' by Tim Moreman; this is based on his PhD theses
    'Passing it on' : the army in India and the development of frontier warfare 1849-1947, which available to download via: 'Passing it on' : the army in India and the development of frontier warfare 1849-1947. - Research Portal, King's College, London

    The 1926 'Official Account' of the war is available (after registration) on and is 214 pgs:
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    Third Afghan War 1919--Official Account by Army HQ India 1926 is now also available on


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