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    Can anyone tell me anything about this ATS headress and uniform please.

    She appears to be wearing some kind of beret and her pips seem raised and unusual.

    She was an ATS radio operator serving with the Special Duties Branch of Auxiliary Units (The secret British Resistance). Vera Long-crop2.jpg
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    I think she may be First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) rather than ATS - I've had a bit of a google (wee piece of advice - probably best google the full title rather than just the shortened unit name) and there are a few pictures of them with berets - sorry I cant be more help but hopefully this opens up some other info.

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    I agree with AB64 - it's not an ATS uniform, it's FANY - with the distinctive headgear and rank insignia.
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    Thank you guys for putting me right

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