Attack on Sydney

Discussion in 'War Against Japan' started by Peter Clare, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. Peter Clare

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    Didn't realise that the Japs got this close

    Sorry about this. I have tried to add an attachment but seem to have failed, any help would be welcome
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    If i'm correct a few places in oz were bombed towards the end of the war. but obviously Japan needed its ships else were to sustain any real problems.

    kiwi will now more i hope.
  3. von Poop

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    Peter, would it be a picture like this?:
    "June 1, 1942. A Japanese Ko-hyoteki class midget submarine, believed to be Midget No. 14, is raised from Sydney Harbour."

    I'd never heard the story either, interesting stuff, midget Subs shelling towns... and carrying spotter planes??
    Or is there another example of strikes on the Australian mainland?
  4. Peter Clare

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    Cheers Adam,
    Thats seems to be the photo and report I was attempting to attach to the post, but as we know with no luck. I'll have another go in the morning.

    Bet reagrds
  5. spidge


    Many of the attacks on the Australian mainland are found here:

    The attacks on Darwin were executed by carrier based aircraft and were not a prelude to invasion but to ensure a counter attack was not launched from Australia when the Japanese invaded Timor.

    Timor is only 600kms from Darwin.

    file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/GEOFFS%7E1/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot-12.jpg View attachment 513

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    I hope you won't mind but I'd like to read more about these matters. Histories of these accounts don't seem to be readily available in the USA, so I want to find topic names, maybe book names and'or authors, and seek them out.
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  8. bofors

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  9. BuffaloChuck

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    Reme and Bofors, thanks for these! Wiki has been a great resource because so many writers contribute tales of events forgotten, glossed over or hacked out by editors. And maybe Wiki's writings aren't always correct, but it's still a great resource for my starting points.

    Thanks for these.
  10. DaveB

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    Good enough as any to place this news extract -

    SS Limerick - sunk of the NSW coast in April 1943 - wreck location unknown until recently

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  11. Shiny 9th

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    An Australian relative told me some time ago that there was a great fear of invasion by the Japanese. Apparently after the first attack, the Aussies thought the British & Allies would come and help, not really appreciating that we were rather fully occupied. Puts a different perspective on things. I did tell her that some 60,000 civilians were killed in bombing raids in the UK and I think it helped her understand our lack of support.

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