Award MiD Lt. A. Graham (132092) 4 Field Squadron, Royal Engineers Escape from Camp 19 (Bologna)

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    Awarded Mentioned in Despatches Lt. Albert Graham 4 Field Squadron, Royal Engineers (132092)
    WO 373/63/159

    When the Italian Armistice was signed, the Senior British Officer of the camp saw the Italian Commandant and asked for arms so that P/W could defend themselves against the Germans. The Commandant promised to deliver them the following day. In the meantime the Senior British Officer issued Red Cross parcels to P/W and ordered them to sleep in their clothes. During the night of 8/9th September 1943, the Germans arrived and threw a cordon round the camp, with the result that, when the P/W started to leave the camp on the orders of the Senior British Officer, the Germans opened fire and drove them back. Ultimately, when the Germans began removing the P/W, a number of them hid in tunnels or roofs and eventually made good their escape. Others from trains en route northwards.
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