Battlefield Tour to the Garigliano & Anzio - 13-16 Jun 19

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    For anybody who is interested, I am running a battlefield tour to the Lower Garigliano and Anzio on 13-16 Jun 19.

    We will be looking at the successful X (BR) Corps crossing on the River Garigliano on 17-18 Jan 44 before pushing north to look at the VI (US) Corps landings at Anzio. Whilst at Anzio, we will look at the initial breakout, the massive German counter attacks, the stalemate period and the finish with huge Allied breakout on 23 May 44. As you would expect with anything that involved Gen Mark W Clark, the breakout was very controversial.

    If interested, start a conversation or reach me through

    Anzio is quite a battle.


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    I will be on this battlefield tour for the third time. The hotels are of good quality & the food is of top notch. It really is a most enjoyable experience. Listening to Frank's narrative is something to see.

    It is also rather cheap. Frank has gone out of his way to get me on some previous battlefield tours.;)

    Top chap. I must had a Edit here, he has also picked me up in his own car at daft a clock in the morning from time to time. The wine is also splendid.

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