Bill Speakman VC, 1927-2018

Discussion in 'Korea' started by von Poop, Jun 21, 2018.

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    Always a familiar sight at the Cenotaph Remembrance Parade. RIP.
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    My Dad told me he travelled to the UK from Korea to get to get his VC on ones of the boats from the Line he worked for. Apparently he was drunk most of the way home and kept wanting to fight the crew so they locked him up in the brig (sp).
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    A solid tradition of promotions quickly followed by demotions for fighting it seems.
    That, and killing Her Majesty's enemies.
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    you wanted him on your side in a fight
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    ILN 9.2.1952.png
    Illustrated London News 9th February 1952
    Sphere 8.3.1952.png
    Sphere 8th March 1952
    ILN 22.3.1952.png
    Illustrated London News 22nd March 1952
    Tatler 12.3.1952.png
    Tatler 12th March 1952
    ILN 5.2.1952.png
    Illustrated London News 5th February 1952
    Sphere 5.2.1952.png
    Sphere 5th February 1952
    Sphere 9.2.1952.png
    Sphere 9th February 1952
    ILN 8.3.1952 .png
    Illustrated News 8th March 1952
    Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 09.13.14.png
    Berwick News 26th February 1952

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    I see that some reports say it was 6,000 Chinese whilst others say 600 - reporting doesn't seem to have changed much since then

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    My Father, George Stedeford, was one of the volunteers from the Black Watch to go with Bill from Germany, and join first the Argyll's and then stay on in Korea with the KOSB. He was part of the action on that fateful day.
    RIP gentlemen.
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    I saw this film mentioned on another website today. It is to do with the VC generally, but has some nice footage of Bill Speakman around 3 minutes 30 seconds in:

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    Not this site perchance?

    What Price A VC

    Kind regards, always,


    P.S. Snap!
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    Snap indeed Jim. :)
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    Out and about, on the lam, visiting friends, amis, vrienden, freunde.

    Dug this out a couple of days ago; brought it along for a re-read, for company (note: not a security blanket!)

    No scanner, photographed via phone, hope it's legible. And as mentioned via Bamboo43's link in his post #6 above; a little more detail here.

    At 12 noon we all cast a small shadow; but some are giants no matter the time of day.

    Bill Speakman VC.

    Kind regards, always remember, never forget,





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