"Blackpool" and the 111th Indian Infantry Brigade

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    [Cylon] By your command... [/Cylon] :biggrin:

    Thought I'd start off with another location to the above by adding notes in from elsewhere as well as new ones; again, using Google Earth...

    "White City"
    24°28'60.00"N 96°11'9.00"E
    The landing strips were pretty much adjacent to this marker, on either side of the railway line...

    Pagoda Hill
    24°28'47.69"N 24°28'47.69"N
    This one is bang on the money... top of the present Pagoda location...

    24°30'25.00"N 96°46'20.00"E
    Obviously, this one is a bit subjective as it was famously "sabotaged by logs" just before the fly-in and was therefore abandoned prior to them ever going there - location was ready-reckoned from the marker on one of Barton's maps and a nice clearing showed up where this point landed...

    24°34'36.00"N 24°34'36.00"N
    The Barton map is a bit unclear here so it has taken it bit longer to figure the most logical location - Mahnton is shown, as is the upper reaches of the Meza river, and the marker for Aberdeen - it is possible that the small village adjacent this location is the present Mahnton...

    23°55'24.00"N 96°23'2.00"E
    As above, the map is not so good for this one so ready-reckoning had to be done... the Shweli river to the north and the Irawaddy to the west with the village of Inywa still on the map gave the locations for this one and the choice was where it shows the streams joining in relation to the Barton map... this is adjacent to a flood-plain area so much may have changed and the fields in the area are all cultivated...

    24°43'41.00"N 24°43'41.00"N
    Did this one pretty much from Barton's maps and came to the same area as per Matt Pooles' location details once pinpointed...
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    Cheers HC.

    Aberdeen is an interesting one, I've used the map in Fergusson's Wild Green Earth to narrow it down and locate it on the Texas maps, so in essence I'm nearly there. I will put the images up on here, so others can access.
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    Will do - Aberdeen pinpointed...
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  5. I have a big interest in 111st esp 2nd KORR. My grandfather was john thomas antrobus (nickname tom) number 3714635. We aren't sure whether he was column 41 or column 46 but would love to hear any mention of him as we have literally nothing and are currently waiting to hear if we can successfully obtain his medals from the MOD. Thank you!
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    Hi Amanda...

    I've had a quick scan through my KORR files and find no mention of him in the officers or MIA files; nor the common most-likely books...
    Have you obtained his Army records from the Records Office...? An essential first step in any family research...
    There are a number of titles that are most useful in understanding what they went through... Is "absolutely nothing" where you are at regarding him...?


    Read up on some of your other notes... Most likely, the records will not show whether he was 41 or 46 Column but will give you some more details, regardless...
    What books do you have on the subject...?
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    Hi can anyone pass on any information on 3248939 Rifleman Terrence Foley - 1st Bn Cameronians Killed 6th May 44 Buried at Taukkyan British Cemetery - his great nephew is planning to pay his resting place a visit and would like information on his relative or best place to find out about this soldier
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    Hopefully forum member Hebridean Chindit will be along shortly, with at least some background information for you.
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    Hi Raymond, this date was just prior to the set-up of the "Blackpool" Block and there is no direct diary for the Cameronians... A date of death can often be arbitrary but there is one note in my files for this date... the Cameronians were crossing the mountains (4 day trip) to reach the Blackpool location near Namkwin, and unfortunately it related to "friendly fire", so to speak...

    From an account written by the Padre for 26 Column, Rev Donald MacKay...
    "… I had gone along the bank of the chaung with another officer to swop the cigarettes in my ration for chocolate, and on the way back stopped for a chat with the CSM. Suddenly there was a loud cry, “Look out” and everyone began rushing towards me along the bank. I turned to run with them in the same direction, tripped over a log and fell with about half a dozen people on top of me. There was a terrific bang - a grenade had gone off by mistake in the middle of HQ group. Several officers escaped as by a miracle, but one rifleman was killed and two officers and riflemen wounded. Naturally we were all rather shaken… "

    The account is also mentioned in Richard Rhodes James book, "Chindit", but a death was not noted... no name is mentioned in either account...

    Contacting the war records office may give you more details... a slow process and a £30 charge, which will provide scant details but it might note the cause of death... no guarantees, but...
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    re. Jack McFadden

    I posted here some time ago (#69) in response to a post (#39) from Hebridean listing my Grandpa in the roster at Blackpool. I have FINALLY got my Grandpa's services records and thought you might be interested in some details. He enlisted in the Territorial Royal Artillery Searchlight Regiment in 1938 (at age of 18) and was embodied in permanent service in 1939. He was then recommended to become an officer on 5 June 1940 after 4 months of OCYU he was given a commission in the Cameronians (I do wonder if this date is significant given it was the day after the evacuation of BEF at Dunkirk ended, I can see him listed in London Gazette in 1940 as an emergency commission). Initially in UK he was posted to the 10th Battalion, arrived in Bombay on 22 May 1942 before finally being posted to 1st Battalion on 6 June 1942. Unfortunately I can't make out where this happened as the writing is poor, looks like Meerut. He was attached to the 111th Indian on 7 September 1943. There is lots of information to go through and some of the writing is rather, umm, abstract but I look forward to going through it all! Now I have these records I hope to visit Kew to try and find out more. I am very excited (and not a little proud) to have all this information.

    All the best to you all.
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    Nice... if you want to take the path I will pm you the files you can get there that will be of use or with most info... post up the images of the relevant sections you are having trouble with and we'll see what we can do... Did you increase the library from the Capt Baines book yet...?
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    Hi Kenny

    Any information on the files I need to look for will be gratefully received so a PM with those details would be most welcome (if it's not too much trouble).

    Aye, I certainly have increased the library, got quite a few now! I think my pick of the bunch is Chindits by Richard Rhodes James, it is very well written and paints quite a vivid picture. I understand that a few years ago my Granny had been told of my Grandpa being mentioned in a book, unfortunately I know no more than that but hopefully I will be surprised one day!

    Thanks for coming back to me, especially with your kind offer of info. Hope you found above info of interest.

    Many thanks
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  13. Hebridean Chindit

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    Every little snippet, when relevant, is always of interest...! :D
    I had the good fortune to meet Lt James at the launch for Frank Baines' book... spoke with him for a couple of hours... a true Gent, God rest him...
    Let me know how imminent your visit is, and somewhat Matrix-like, I'll let you know how deep the rabbit hole goes...o_O
    Steve...? You live there... can you organise a library card for TNA remotely now or does it require the first visit to get one these days...?
    Graeme... sending you a PM...
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    Hi Kenny

    Have replied to your PM. Looks like i can register online in advance or on the day I visit so no props there!
    --> Do I need a reader's ticket? - The National Archives

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    Bit slow HC, sorry. Not been to the Archives for over a year and my readers card is well out of date. Looks like Graeme has it covered in any case.

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    My Idol has FEET of CLAY... o_O:D
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    I don't have much for me pending at TNA. But I really need to get up there in my capacity as Archivist for the Chindit Society. Something to do with a second operation in 1944, or some such!!
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    Thin ice, B43... very... thin... ice...:D
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    Hi Hebridean, I saw a while ago that some of the 13th Kings Own, Liverpool Rifles Moved to the 111th Indian Division. Wondering if my uncle Edmund Kenneth Buck could possibly be in you. Which ever is the easiest for you, to look or send a copy of them to me. Best Regards Ken B
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    Hi Ken... there are next to no squaddie names mentioned in the primary 111th diaries; more an overview of the Op... not in the MIA's... the diary is scant and covers detailing beyond the chinidts only... welcome to the slippery slope...

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