British Army staff structure and responsibilities

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    Hi all

    I have a few questions on how the British Army staff structure and responsibilities worked in overseas colonies, especially Malaya/Singapore and Hong Kong. I am familiar with a field command having the three branches, and using a Corps staff as an example;

    G branch, the general branch, (hence G), responsible for operations, intelligence and training. Commanded by the brigadier general staff (BGS, rank brigadier).

    A branch, the administration branch, responsible for all aspects of personnel management. Commanded by the Assistant adjutant general (AAG, rank brigadier).

    Q branch, the quartermaster branch, responsible for logistic and equipment support. Commanded by the assistant quartermaster general (AQMG rank brigadier).

    OK so G branch planned everything the field units did in field exercises and operations

    And Q branch ensured they had everything they needed to do that from food, equipment, fuel and munitions. Presumably both the RAOC and RASC both fell under their control?

    But what of other rear area functions, like

    A, infrastructure development, ie the construction of new barracks and camps, reinforcing bridges etc

    B, the recruitment and basic training of local forces, running an Officer Cadet Training Unit

    C, the provision of internal security forces, guarding strategic sites etc

    D, provision and maintenance of firing ranges

    Who had responsibilities for these, which branch or was there an entirely different structure for these rear area activities?

    Fatboy Coxy

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