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  1. Edward Ions

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    I have no idea. Am going to have a go tomorrow at trying to contact d day museum to see if they can help in any way. When I saw the photo I thought they may have been done on the way to gold beach as it is loaded up. Un damaged and that it looks like Southampton in the background d
  2. DannyM

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    LCT 711 was transferred from 55 LCT Flotilla to 59 LCT Flotilla sometime between the 11th and 25th December 1944. Based in the Weymouth/Portland area.


  3. Danny,

    I knew you would know :D!

    Based on the clothes the chaps on the port bow are wearing I would venture some time around or after spring 1945 then...

    The vehicles look like US trucks, one of them with a big office body or similar, but I couldn't vouch for it. We need the advice of another expert here, on softskins this time.

    Trux, are you listening :)?

  4. Edward Ions

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    Danny where do you find this information?
  5. Edward Ions

    Edward Ions Member

    Apparently the photos were in a us sailors d day album or were at least with the photos of d day
  6. Simon Tuchewicz

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    My apologies for popping up here many years after this was posted.

    My grandfather (Wilbert Docherty) sailed on LCT 923 and when I was doing some searching this post came up.

    I was then amazed to see that there was a photo of his LCT in the post. This is first one we have ever come across and strange that we haven’t seen it before.

    We have stories from the Skipper and my grandfather from D-Day which can be shared along with photos of the crew.

    I can see the photo of the LCT is from a website Critical Past but I was unable to locate it when I went there and looked to try and obtain a copy. Do you know how this photo has been labelled or referenced?

    Many thanks,

  7. Edward Ions

    Edward Ions Member

    I’m not entirely sure as the photos of lct 711 were for sale on ebay
  8. Simon Tuchewicz

    Simon Tuchewicz New Member

    Hi Edward,

    It was this photo that was given by Michel Sabarly in response to your original message.

    This was my grandfathers LCT and I was looking to obtain the image with the stamp removed.


  9. Simon,

    The answer is in the image filename (923 LCT(4) COLOUR beg - 65675038037_000529_3.jpg)

    The first part (65675038037) is the Critical Past reel number and the second (000529_3) is the frame number.

    If you go to the Critical Past website and search for the reel number you will find it:
    65675038037 stock video footage and royalty free HD video clips and photos.(page 1).

    I believe this colour film is of Canadian origin, because I could not find it anywhere else (e.g. at the IWM), and colour films of D Day were mostly Canadian (or US of course) rather than British. Unfortunately the original Canadian films disappeared in a fire a while ago...

    You can order individual frames from Critical Past at $5 each (at 1382x960 resolution, for personal use only).

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  10. Simon Tuchewicz

    Simon Tuchewicz New Member

    Hi Michel,

    This is brilliant thank you. I’ve just been onto Critical Past and ordered the image. This image of them was from a few days after, I think at Utah. On D-Day they were stuck on Gold after beaching on a hedgehog however I remember in his notes that the remaining trips were mostly to the American beaches. I’ll have to dig them out tonight for a read. Can’t wait to show the family. Thank you so much. Simon
  11. Simon,

    I'm glad you could get a better copy of this frame. It's the only picture of LCT 923 that I know. Contrary to what I said earlier, it must be part of a US, and not Canadian, film, the original of which might still be in existence somewhere in the US archives...

    You mentioned some notes made by your grandfather. Do you think you could post them here (removing any part which may be of a private nature, of course) ?


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