"Buncrana" Sherman VC firefly

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by David Hathaway, Jan 17, 2020.

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    Good morning to you,
    I must apologise to begin with in case I have posted to the wrong page or inappropriately but nevertheless........
    Myself and my partner belong to to Portsmouth Model Boat Display Team (Armoured division), we model 1/16 model armoured vehicles, mainly tanks and are currently planning to display a Sherman VC firefly (2nd Armoured Division) to accompany one we have from the Northamptonshire Yeomary, on a D-Day Diorama to be displayed in Bovington in the coming weeks....
    However the tank we have decided on is the Sherman Firely VC from the 2nd Sqn ‘Buncrana’. Buncrana because I have or used to live there many moons ago.
    We are however lacking any information about this tank apart from it’s name, we can’t find its number nor any reference to its crew or what became of it?
    I am hoping you may be able to assist in this matter ;-)
    Any help will be gratefully received
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    Hi David
    I suggest you post also on Missing Lynx; that is more focussed on modelling and questions like yours are usually answered quite quickly!
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  4. yes, indeed, the tank already is almost complete, (complete with the Peddinghaus decals)
    The tank is also mentioned in the list of vehicle listings prior to embarkation for Normandy June 1944 and a photograph of 'Buncrana' crossing the Nijmegen Bridge in Sept. 1944....... but no number nor crew names
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    There is a very fine spreadsheet in the Resources section under Military Vehicles which contains a massive compilation of tank names and serial numbers compiled by Kevin Tucker. Kevin may have a further updated version as well.

    However, there may not be a number known.
  6. Thank you Chris....... however me being new on WW2talk not even sure how to find 'Missing Lynx' .......... yet
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    Missing Lynx is a different site - just google it
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    Missing Lynx is a modeling forum elsewhere. Lots of historically knowledgeable people.

  9. Yes, I have found that, excellent information, although it does mention ‘Buncrana’ it is only listed as being part of the 2nd Batt, Irish Guards, my thinking is that it was a tank held back in reserve?????
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    Hi David,

    I found this. Any help?



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  11. Good morning Kevin,
    Yes, I have the photograph, many thanks anyhow, however not quite so clear as yours, where did you find this? on my photograph I can't quite make out the name 'Buncrana' and on your photograph there seems to be a mark or number on the side???? can you see what it says?
    I'm off to Bovington in a fortnights time in the slim hope they may have more information
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    Hi David,
    It is not too clear when enlarged but it could be 95 or 96 but it could be the squadron B5 or B6.
    There is a Name and Census Number pdf file on this site where WWI, WWII and post war names have been compiled by myself and Dick Taylor, the majority of the WWII are mine and the WWI and post war are compiled by Dick. The names / links and details are sent to us from literally the world over. The photo was sent to me by Ondra Rott, I am not sure if Ondra posts here though. I do have a census number listing and i will cross check against that to see if I have anything under 2nd Irish Guards Shermans marked 95/96 or B5/B6 and come back if I do.
    If you get any joy at Bovington re BUNCRANA please let me know.


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  14. KevinT

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    Hi David,

    I have checked my census number listing and these are the Sherman VC’s I have:-

    Unknown Squadron
    T150260 (knocked out – date unknown)
    T212605 (knocked out – date unknown)
    T289489 (knocked out – date unknown)
    T212688 1st Sqn 2 trp (radio call sign – 72)
    T148473 3rd Sqn 3 trp CLONBROCK III
    T148273 3rd Sqn HQ

    Not too much help I know but there are 4 possibles.

    The link to the model of BUNCRANA, if you read the text to the photo, is of a Mk V not a VC


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    It's a bit confusing but it appears that the captions in that blog post appear above each photograph rather than below.
  16. Dear Kevin,
    Many thanks again, I have been in touch this morning with Bovington and they are doing a bit of research for me prior to me going so hopefully that will turn up something.
    I have looked at the post below about the model tank which indeed does show a number but unfortunately it’s not so clear but they must have got their information from somewhere ???
  17. Good evening yet again, yes you are right, can’t make out which caption goes with what tank, I was not aware that UK tanks used the white star symbol on the rear of their tanks,,, maybe I’m wrong and the tank pictured as being ‘Buncrana’ is as you said a’V’ not a ‘VC”...... we are getting closer anyway
  18. This other version of the only known photo of BUNCRANA does not make the T-Number any clearer:
    'BUNCRANA' Sherman Vc 2IG GAD over Waal bridge, Nijmegen, 21 Sep 44.jpg

    The small writing on the front of the hull side looks like 56, but I am not sure whether it means the tank number/callsign (which would be too high for the second squadron) or what...

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    Do you mean on the cloth, Michel? I am going to assume it is a 53 to match the tank behind, 53 being a valid Arm of Service number to identify the regiment within the division/etc. It doesn't look a LOT like 53, but I can see it, if one interprets that there is also an extra line of dirt or something coming off of the bottom of the 3.
  20. The large marking under the cloth on the transmission (front right side of the tank) is definitely the AoS Serial 53.
    I was speaking about the small white mark on the forward edge of the left hull side.


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