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    I was having a brief chat with Frank (minden1759 ) and the topic of 99th LAA at 4th Cassino came up and I mentioned I have a paybook to a gent who was with the unit and he asked if I could post it.

    Charles Attwell was originally with 14th Queens and when they converted to 99th LAA he went with them and became part of 328 Battery. He is listed in the casualty returns as wounded 9/9/43 I think he may have been around Taranto at the time but am not sure, from the tag below I think it says Sprained ...... so potentially more injury than wound but I assume in the face of the enemy and as a result of their action. He has a second entry in the casualty returns for 12/5/44, this ties in with the 4th Battle of Cassino when 99th LAA were tasked with providing smoke screens, unfortunately I don't know the nature or circumstances of his wound.

    The smoke operation was discussed on this previous thread 99th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, R.A. (T.A.)

    IMG_20190120_0006.jpg IMG_20190120_0004.jpg
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    Thank you for sharing this.

    328 Bty were the only battery to land at Salerno in support of X (BR) Corps. All the other Batteries crossed at Reggio Di Calabria and drove up from there to meet up with 328.

    He would have been wounded at Salerno on 9 Sep 43.

    Does his AB64 show where he was posted to when 99 LAA Regt RA was disbanded?


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    Thanks for that, I was struggling to track them down for his earlier wound.

    He stayed in or around Italy til 11/8/44 and then went home and was discharged 1/2/45 as ceasing to fulfil physical requirements so I believe his wound was bad enough to require 3 months of treatment before he could be moved home for a bit more treatment then discharge, so I don't think he had a post 99th unit

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