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  1. pierce09

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    Does anyone know of any books or anything about communications interception at a tactical level in any theatre in WW2?

    after some historical information on this sort of thing, from either the interpreter's point of view, the Signals' unit history or anything really.

    did this actually even happen much in WW2 or was it just strategic level interception and processing at Bletchley Park and other such places?

    Are there any Veterans on here who were involved in this sort of thing? Int Corps or Royal Signals? or even any RAF?

    Really hope someone has a hint or starting point!

    Thanks in advance

  2. PsyWar.Org

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    There's a couple of files at the National Archives that might be of interest:

    HW 41/125, History of signal intelligence in Europe and North Africa
    WO 208/5114, 21st Army Group: signals intelligence history

  3. pierce09

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    Thanks Lee. i shall have a look when i'm next free.
  4. idler

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    There is Spies of the Airwaves by Skillen which is the history of the Army Y intercept service.

    I will try to dig out the R Sigs histories and see if they mention anything about the role.
  5. pierce09

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    i'll be getting that book ordered forthwith!!

    thanks idler
  6. minden1759

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    Last year, on a battlefield study to Monte Cassino, I had a delightful veteran in the group who had served in No 2 Wireless Company R SIGNALS up on Snakeshead Ridge during Mar and Apr 44. His job was to follow 90 Pz Gren Div where ever they were deployed in Italy in order to listen in to their radio transmissions in German and glean intelligence.

    Fascinating chap.


  7. idler

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    Might be worth checking to see if the Military Intelligence Museum has a shop - I hadn't realised how much SotA is going for at the moment!
  8. pierce09

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    would love a memoir or diary of a guy like that. i did the same job in Afghanistan in 2007 and 2010 and i'd love to know more about the similarities and differences of the WW2 R Sigs wireless intercept units.

  9. pierce09

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    i was at Chicksands museum last year a few times totally neglected to check the place out for EW/wireless intercept books. spent most of my time in the photo recce section learning about Medmenham and the photo recce trade
  10. urqh

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    Don't know about ww2...But all the RAF sigs interception of my cold war days was at the strategic levels. Or at least reporting to the strategic level. The IGB Nimrods and Canberras on elint and comint were the closest we dealt with as a unit intercept if you like...But feeding the upper echelons. Digby etc did monitor individual units, as did Berlin guys and our own monitored our own, but nothing like what you are looking for. We did have a vetran on here from RAF who landed on the Normandy beaches with a signals van I believe. I think..he had some intercept experience as well as normal comms. Von Poop should remember.
  11. beeza

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    The navy (in Australia) was heavily involved too. I started in 1956 and kept at it until demob, but the main thrust of sigint in those days was strategic. At sea was different as

    elint played a big part at the tactical level, in fact the intercept equipment was rather sophisticated and getting more so by the time I left.

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