Complete order of the battle of 21 Army group

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  1. Hi all,
    Can you please help me on the complete order of the battle of 21 Army group (including GHQ, LoC, Army, Corps troops )?
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  3. Hi CL1,
    The link you shared are the war establishment of the units served under 21 army group. But I want to know the name of these units and their superior units.
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    It is near impossible, given composition of each Corps alone repeatedly shifts throughout the campaign.

    Divs reorganise etc.

    A mate compiled one on a weekly basis and admitted even then he had plenty of reservations as to its accuracy.
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  5. Do you have this weekly basis compilation please? Can you please share with me?
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    The most common and readily available resource for WWII British orders of battle is H.F. Joslen, Orders of Battle Second World War, 1939-1945 (2 vols., HMSO). This is available at many large research libraries in the UK and a few in the United States as well. It covers assignments and organization of divisions and independent brigades down to battalion level. For smaller and non-divisional units and non-combat arms you will have to look elsewhere.
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  7. Thanks. I have this copy. I am looking smaller and non-divisional units and non-combat arms units.

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