Coronado Brown.

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    I was looking for something different. All my model vehicles are in various shades of green or sand. In an old copy of the long defunct 'Wheels and Tracks' I read that half of the Diamond T transporters were delivered in Coronado Brown, for service in N.Africa.

    Any idea what Coronado Brown looks like?

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    Mike title says Coronado Brown

    Reddish Brown?


    This American state was named for the Colorado River or, in Spanish, Rio Colorado. The translation literally means –river coloured reddish. It is the iron ore found in many Colorado mountains that, in certain locations, tints the water red.

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    I apologize if this is possibly unrelated -

    I've corresponded with Mike Starmer about Coronado Tan which was apparently used on some vehicles including Grant tanks.

    "Coronado Tan was not a BS colour. From the documents UK-USA it would appear to be an acceptable equivalent for Light Stone that could be applied to vehicles before dispatch to ME."

    "It was a 1930s American/Canadian motor vehicle colour which is mentioned in some December 1941 documents for vehicles in Egypt. Anecdotal evidence is confined to a book on personal experiences such as "the new vehicles were painted Canadian sand" and vague mention in a book about the LRDG in similar terms which presumably may be the same colour."

    So if there was a brown as well as a tan used, it would presumably also have been an existing automative paint colour.

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    Colorado means coloured. But the title reads coronado which means crowned, but in Spanish also denotes a kind of deep sea jellyfish. Neither Pons nor me know the proper English name for that animal.
    Nor a corresponding colour ....


    Edit: Chris was faster and more helpful. Couldn't find my Starmer books, so went the language way. Apologies.
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  7. Trux

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    Thank you all.
    It seems I want Coronado Tan. Googling Coronado Brown did not produce any useful information. I was hoping for a more interesting colour than a similar one to light stone.

    I did find that there is a posh place in California called Coronado Beach. I suppose in the late 1930's Americans would know that and choose Coronada Tan for their new car.


    Don't any of you have something better to do on this lovely winters day.
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    you had 2 colours mentioned

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    It seems much more tan/brown than light stone, which is definitely more yellow.

    In case people didn't follow the link I posted above, the following was apparently the colour picked by a Dutch restorer to match the remaining paint on his vehicle. Of course age could I think alter the colour of a paint... certainly light could.

    But this isn't that far from the colour that vP just referenced!

    desert collor 231.jpg
  11. Trux

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    Thank you Adam and Chris. I find I like Coronado Tan. It would look good on a Diamond T. I wonder if it was used on other vehicles.

    I can imagine the conversation between the Purchasing Commission and Diamond T.

    Can do American salesman: 'Tank transporters? No problem. Good strong ladder chassis, big engine, six big wheels and a big ballast body. What about the colour.'

    'I think Coronado Tan would like rather fetching, dont you old chap'.

  12. Mike,

    Quite fetching indeed on this "good strong ladder chassis" with "big ballast body":

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  13. Trux

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    I see now where they got the colour from.

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