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  1. Hello Folks and Happy New Year to you all!

    I've been using the Christmas lull to try to follow up the military career of my Polish uncle which has been something of a family mystery since his death in 1961. I have applied for his records from RAF Northolt which I'm very much looking forward to but in the meantime I had hoped that someone out there might be able to identify the badge he is wearing on his left battle dress pocket on the attached picture.

    I know that the photo is not particularly clear but I hope that someone recognises the basic shape and configuration - it obviously meant a lot to him as he also wore it on his wedding day. I assume that it is an affiliation with his home region in Poland or a regimental insignia -- I would be most grateful for any information.

    I do know that he came from Trzbinia in Western Poland if that helps - he served in France after the fall of Poland and made his way to Scotland where he worked on the east coast defences in Fife which is where he meant my fathers sister. They were married in 192 and he went on to serve in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany in 1944-45. He was demobbed in 1947. We think that he may have been and engineer as that was his pre-war profession.

    Thanks in advance....

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  2. Apologies for he tiny size of the picture - it should be 2MB but gets converted to a thumbnail on posting which is neither use nor ornament - what am I doing wrong....??
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    it gets large when I click on it, cant make out the badge though.
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    it opens all ok
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    post deleted, sorry wrong info
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    Is it this on e-bay:

    WW2 Polish Army 1st Corps Korpus Polskiego insignia patches badge. WW11 Poland

  7. Glad it seems to work ok. Please forgive my ignorance

    Blasted new recruits....

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