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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by GnrGnr, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. GnrGnr

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    Can anyone please work out what the course is that this man attended at the end of his service. The initials are A V T or A U T.

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  2. toki2

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    What branch of the military was he?
  3. GnrGnr

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    Infantry, specifically Middlesex and this was inter war ( (1935).

  4. toki2

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    It mentions disembarkation. Any idea where?
  5. GnrGnr

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    Disembarkation back in UK from overseas although I don't see that it is relevant, that was after the course. He had completed his 7 years colour service in Sep 34 and instead of going straight on the reserve, he was granted 6 months extension of colour service to attend this course from then until 15 Jan 35 when he arrived back in UK. As it happened he actually served an extra 152 days rather than 6 months.
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  7. GnrGnr

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    Splendid, thank you very much indeed, Resettlement courses by another name, very grateful


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