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    Just wondering if anyone knows of, or can recommend, any good places to visit or things to do in Normandy over the D Day celebration period?

    We will be travelling over on 1st June and returning on 7th.
    We have previously visited the beaches, Pegasus Bridge, HIll 112 etc, but just wondered if there were any 'lesser known' places that are a must-see?

    I've heard of the ceremonies at Merville and Ranville on 6th but are these invite / ticket only?

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Do you have a copy of Paul Reed's Battlefield Guide? I hear its very good.
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    Try the bridges over the River Dives at Troarn and Robehomme. They were D-Day objectives of the 8th Parachute Battalion under Lt-Col Alistair Pearson (pictured), 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion and 3rd Parachute Squadron, RE under Major Tim Roseveare. You should have the area pretty much to yourselves and it's a great story.

    The River Dives Bridges

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    Another of our members (Ludo68000) has this site based at ludo (Les Parachutistes de Saint Vaast En Auge)

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    Good place to visit and, I would suggest, the most impressive Memorial to a single Regiment in Normandy, would be the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards Memorial near Creully. It's at the bottom of the hill near the river bridge: can't miss it. Also, although I can't be absolutely certain, there will be a Ceremony there at 11am on June 6th corresponding to the time the Regiment liberated Creully in 1944 - please check details elsewhere as I would hate to have mislead you!

    If there is a Ceremony, look out for the Veteran Cecil Newton who will be in charge!....only please do not use the word Celebration in Cecil's presence....it's actually a Commemoration.

    Edit: Cecil is a great guy who landed in the first wave on D-Day (ask him about 'his' German Pillbox: sorry to be cryptic but got to sustain some mystery!), has an amazing sense of humour and, well.....he's Cecil. They don't come any better.
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    Hi Danny
    Thanks for these.
    Ouistreham is definitely on the list now!!
    Do you know whether the main ceremonies at Merville and Ranville are these invite / ticket only ?

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    For the quieter days,visit what must be the smallest battlefield military cemetery in Normandy that at Chouain which contains mostly Durham Light Infantry soldiers.Two army chaplains are also interred here,lying side by side.

    The cemetery was established in what was a farmer's field at the farm entrance where now farm produced Calvados can be bought...the farm shown in the background of the CWGC photograph as the link below.


    A short run down the road is Villers Bocage where Wittman's Tiger ambushed the tank of the 7th Armoured Division ...memorials are found erected on the north entrance to the town....a couple of nice cafes/bars on the main street,ideal for a refreshment stop...presents a good opportunity to witness French cafe life in the sticks.

    For a longer trip,a trip into St Mere Eglise behind the Utah beaches in the Manche Department is recommended recalling the early capture of the town on D Day by the US 82nd Airborne Division.The effigy of John Steele still hangs by his parachute harness on the church roof,overlooking the town square where he landed early on D Day.Feinting death he was able to survive and witness the battle below him.

    Off the town square is super museum dedicated to the US 82nd and 101st Airborne Division landings featuring among many displays,a Waco Hadrian glider and a C47 Dakota.

    From personal experience,a good Michelin map of the Departments is essential to get about the invasion historic sites.

    I would expect that many of these historic sites will be extremely busy and crowded on the 6th of June.
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    I don’t know if you need tickets for the ceremonies you mentioned.

    In the past when I have been over there the public were welcome at the ceremonies but you had to have a ticket/invite for any of the receptions after the event.

    It might be different now though for some of the larger commemorations.

    You could contact the museums and ask them if they have any information.


    Pegasus Bridge : Le Débarquement en Normandie :: Accueil

    “Hillman” is worth visiting if you are in the area and they have a commemoration on the 6th.



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