Dad in Force 136 Main Signals receiving camp Tolleygunge

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    I've posted here
    and am now thinking that here would be a better place!

    Scan_20160630 (2)-001.jpg

    My father David Jones (EVD Jones 14600589) has been dead for about 16 years. I was clearing through some old photos and found several relating to his time in signals, and he has written notes on the backs of them, so they make a great starting point to learn more about what it was like for him and perhaps share the images with others and add to everyone's knowledge.

    The info on the back of the photo above says: Force 136 Main Signals Receiving Camp, Tolleygunge, Calcutta, Oct 1944. 14600589 L/cpl Jones EVD ex-force 136
    "The girl a FANY (female auxiliary nursing yeomanry) on the left end 3rd row from front was Diana Tovey, daughter of Admiral Tovey CIC North Sea Fleet. She was recovering from small pox. All her hair fell out. It had been straight and very blonde. It grew back, but much darker and all curly and crinkly. The girl at the other end was FANY Polly Trevelyan, niece of Professor GM Trevelyan, author of English Social History."

    Another photo with my father astride a motorcycle says: Signal receiver camp Hora Hena, Colombo, Ceylon 1945. Transmitter camp was about 6 miles away to prevent interference with signal receiption. I used this D.R's bike (dispatch rider) to take Gosling to Colombo from Hora Hena everyday for 10 days for anti rabies injections. The needle was about 6 inches long and the cylinder of jollop as big again. It was injected into his stomach. The CO ordered all dogs in or near the camp to be killed after this.

    Love to know more about what camp Tolleygunge was, and what my father did. One photo says he was with Jock Tompson, and Alan on detachment training agents to use morse and portable transmitters.

    Thank you
    his daughter.
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    Hi there, nice photo. First thing you need to do is apply to MoD in Glasgow to obtain your father's service record. It will cost you £30, but if your mother is still alive she can apply and it will cost you nothing.

    It really is the best route to go because it will give you his precise movements. Once you get the record, get it scanned in and post it here for everyone to see. Then you really will get some answers. Meanwhile, use the search engine above to get some general information on the places your Dad mentioned. All the best Maria
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    Thanks Maria, that's fabulous advice, and I'll certainly apply for his service record. Best wishes, Annabel
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    OK so I have the records and they don't make a lot of sense to be honest, except confirming he was in Force 136. I googled that and a lot of his "war stories" began to make sense. I'll try scanning as you suggest.
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    And the last one Scan_20160811 (4)-001.jpg
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    Annabel, STS 54 was a Special Operations Executive (SOE) Special Training School at Fawley Court, Henley on Thames.

    Force 136 was the SOE mission in South East Asia.

    @Jedburgh22 probably can tell you more.

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    He Served with SOE in UK at STS 54 at Fawley Court - Henley on Thames and at STA 53C at Poundon near Bicester - the went out to Force 136 where he was on the strength of ME9 its signals holding unit where he was part of 802 SP Wireless Section
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    He has no surviving SOE P/F sadly many of those belonging to NCO's were destroyed in the 1950s
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    The Duxford Radio Society based at the Imperial War Museum site at Duxford, at Junction 10 of the M11 / A505 have displays of equipment which your father would have been familiar with. Motorcycles in adjoining buildings. There are volunteers there who have a great fund of knowledge. Their contact details are below. I am sure, having visited there recently, that if you contacted them they would find someone to give you a personal tour. They have a steam generator for supplying current to recharge radio batteries as used by Force 136.

    Duxford Radio Section: Home Page
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    Wow Thanks! That's a great bit of info and worth a visit. I'd never have discovered this without your help. Annabel
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    Thank you!
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    Thank you for deciphering all that! Most helpful, and I can now find out more. Annabel

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