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    DAVID KERR WAS BORN IN iSLANDMAGEE-CO. Antrim--emigrated to New York -his ship SS Castella was sunk in Caribbean on 7th June 1942.
    Can anyone help with finding his gave/memorial-USA records i presume.
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    Is this the person ?

    ... DIED AT SEA KERR—June, 1942 lost sea. the result of enemy action. Davis Bell Kerr, of New York. U.S..V, third son of Mrs. Kerr. Carnspindlc. Islandmagee, and the late Captain James Kerr. ...
    Published: Thursday 06 August 1942
    Newspaper: Larne Times
    County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
    Results for 'davis bell kerr' | British Newspaper Archive

    On an ancestry on line tree there is an image of his parents grave, he is remembered on that grave, it does not say where the grave is, but James died at Carnspindle, Co Antrim. The photo was posted by another Bell relation who has a closed tree there. His parents are James (died 18 Dec 1924) & Elizabeth (nee Bell) died 1944. Davis Kerr seems to have become a naturalised US citizen & had a wife in the US so as you say there may be a family memorial or US government national roll of honour or memorial.

    Erected by Elizabeth Kerr in Loving Memory of her husband James Kerr who died 18th December 1924 aged 68 years
    also their son John, who died 18th April 1931 aged 32 years
    the above named Elizabeth Kerr died 2nd November 1944 aged 86 years
    their son Davis Bell, lost his life by enemy action 6th June 1942 aged 42 years

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    thanks for your information

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