Deciphering military records (poor quality)

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    I have been waiting since February for the Army Records to send me my Dad's service record - due to Coronavirus delays. I was going to wait for those before asking for help on anything I didn't understand but I came across some poorly defined documents in my fathers records which I have posted below.

    They are so hard to read due to the quality but I thought there may be members that might recognise acronyms, entries or references which might help me pin down more details about where he was during the period from 1944 - 47 and what he was doing. Before that date he was in a reserved profession and having read the work that was required during the Birmingham Blitz I can see why - I do recall him being frustrated about not being able to sign up earlier.

    The documents are too large to upload so here is a link to my shared drive containing scans of the originals.
    Service Records - Google Drive

    I also thought some might be interested in the document about the work of the GPO during WW2 which was published in 1946.

    Any help would be most welcome. Thanks
    I have posted this in the Signals Section so hopefully I'm not breaking any rules.
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