Deciphering terms (Glosters 10)

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  1. My grandfather was Major A.C. Steadman, and I believe this entry (19 March 1944) in the War Diary for Glosters 10 refers to him--I'm just wondering what the abbreviations and terms mean. Anyone know? Would be grateful for your expertise.
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    Can add a little. The bottom line has him as second in charge of the convoy and travelling in the last DUKW (which is an amphibious military vehicle).

    S.P is likely starting or staging point.

    Others will add more.

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    Perhaps VTM = Vehicles To Mile ie 17 Vehicles spread out over a mile? Almost one every hundred yards (1,763 yards = 1 mile).



    Perhaps MIH 12 = Miles in Hour 12 ie Convoy to travel at 12 mph?
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    To add to Scott & Steve's posts, this march table seems to confirm that SP is Starting Point, MIH is a measure of speed and VTM is a measure of density:

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