Dunkirk 1940. Inland. France & Belgium. Photos, some never seen before

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    Two more original photos from my collection.
    dunkirk bike photo.jpg dunkirk area bef burnt out trucks.jpg
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    Everyone a gem Keith.

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    Second pic has a good view of a 6x4 recovery truck with civvy type crane .

  4. morrisc8

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    Two more original photos from my collection.
    dunkirk area trucks photo.jpg dunkirk area french pows pass british truck.jpg
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    Abandoned vehicles.
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    These photos were taken as the germans were near Dunkirk. anyone ID the areas the photos were taken. Original photos from my collection.
    dunkirk burning.jpg dunkirk area 1940 fire.jpg near dunkirk 1940.jpg dunkirk area 1940 burning town.jpg dunkirk area cross roads railway.jpg
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    Viewing these photos and films bring the comments in letters and stories that I have read into reality.
    When the Africa Corps surrendered at Cap Bon Tunisia the Allied Armies were lined up as if on parade to watch.
    Those (particularly the 1st Infantry Division who defended the Dunkirk beaches to the last) were filled with emotion to see the Germans and their equipment trapped along the coast.
    For sometime after this they took pleasure in the use of Axis vehicles for personal transport.
    Here is a photo of two officers in the 67th Field Regiment returning in a commandeered car.
    Capt. Gerry Ruston (driving) was captured at Banana Ridge but was released at Tunis when the ship that was taking him with others to Italy was blockaded and the Italian Guards evaporated.
    He returned with three sergeants, to the Regiment in a large white convertible with red leather seats. (Obviously not this one in the picture).

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  8. morrisc8

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    A few more from my collection.
    Keith 1940 bef surchlight.jpg AA gun trucks 1940 pow sign.jpg
  9. morrisc8

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    Photo taken from my original negative, i have 5 negs of this captured Morris cs8. Z3913152
    morris captured 1940 from neg.jpg
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