E. A. Kisellioff at Salerno

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  1. peterhastie

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    I visited Salerno British War Cemetery last week and came across a CWGC headstone for Captain E.A Kisellioff, Soviet Forces, died 11th Nov. 1944. I wondered if anyone knew anything about him or what his role was at Salerno.
  2. Owen

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    There were Soviet observers in Italy with the Allies. There is a photo of one on the Monte Camino thread.
  3. peterhastie

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    Thanks Owen. I thought it could only be as an observer, but wanted to check.
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    P1100865 - Copy.JPG

    Much posted probably but one I took a couple of year ago of the soldier buried at Cassino CWGC Cemetery.
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    Hmm - just looking through CWGC for WW2 I find that there were in total 49 Russians in the results buried all over Europe and the Middle East and North Africa - surprised me anyway

  7. Owen

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