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    Cheers Verrieres,

    Could be this one although there were several Robinsons in 2 SAS at the time. Once I've had a look at the NA i'll be able to cross reference and find out which one was with Curtis.
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    Very hit and miss with this set of men.

    No Curtis that fits the bill I'm afraid.

    Robinson's by the bucket load, still he could of been named Smith I suppose!

    Here are the relevant pages anyway.

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    Stoke/Stokes a few possibles, but nothing conclusive.

    Your saving grace is A. Westwater, thankfully present and correct.:)

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    Spot on - cheers Steve. With a bit more digging I will be able to suss out which of them are the men I'm interested in so these will help - That WO file is definitely going to be worth copying on Monday.

    All the best,

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    Just noticed that Westwater's gravestone states that he died whilst a prisoner of war yet I know he reached Allied lines and was taken back on strength to the Special Raiding Squadron (1 SAS) on 02/11/43. I also have the citation for his DCM stating the same. So, how could I find out if he was captured with 7 Cdo RA (this is the unit marked on his grave) between this date and his date of death (15/04/44)?

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    Can I ask if you located the Escape Report of John Pratt? I'm interested in this particular story as well
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    Hi bear.cub,

    Yes, I did copy Pratt's report. It's 4 pages with minimal information. The files are quite large but very happy to send it if you PM me an email address.
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