Escapers and helpers in Piedmont, Italy

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    Hello all,

    I am pleased to announce the publishing of my book on escapers in Piedmont under the title As if he were my brother - a phrase used by quite a few helpers to describe their relationship with their ex-POW 'guests'.

    The book consists of my translation of the requests for recognition made by these helpers to the Allied Screening Commission in Turin immediately after the war. Most were not looking for financial reward but simply for recognition of their sacrifices, and a few wanted to know what had happened to their protege├ęs. The reports reveal exactly what it meant to shelter an escaper in a region held in a vice by the German occupying forces and their fascist side-kicks.

    The requests are held in the ISORETO Archive in Turin.

    Here is the cover in PDF - you will need to download it.


    My website on escapers to Switzerland is now published too:

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