From 1666 CU to Sqd 138

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    New step in my search about the crash of the Halifax LL114 (Night 7 to 8th Feb. 44)
    I have now the operations record book of the Squadron 138. (AIR27/956/1)
    I know now the previous mission of this crew.
    I found at the 13 dec. 1943 that all the crew came from 1666 CU to Sqd 138.
    For a french guy: what is the 1666 CU ?

    Nothing about the meaning of Operation JOHN 25 and drop zone of these operation.
    Thank for your help.
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    Lest people get stuck giving you the same information here is your previous thread.

    HALIFAX MkV LL 114 - Crash

    Always worth while linking related threads to avoid duplication of effort
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    1666 HCU Heavy Conversion Unit.

    Prior to being on a four engined aircraft, crews tended to have been on an OTU equipped with twins like Wellingtons. An additional layer in the sylabus was the HCU where the crew with the addition of a flight engineer woukd hone skills on the heavy four engine type before going to a squadron
  5. Hi Andy. Im a Newmarket resident and currently doing research on 1419 sqn and 138 and 161 Sqns when they were at Newmarket as im going to the Town Council on 25th November to get a memorial put up in town. Plz would it be possible to have copies of the ORBS of the forementioned squadrons at Stradishall and Newmarket to put to the council with all the paperwork, log book copies etc i have on the sqns which will be put to the council and later displayed with photos and aircraft parts to memorialize those of SD Sqns. My email is


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