German Dressing Stations in NL/March 1945

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    maybe the Dutch forum members can help. I am researching the German medical infrastructure in the context of the Rhine Crossing in March 1945. The Achterhoek did play a part in the German plans to set up a defense.
    As far as i know there were German medical installations in:
    Zeddam (St. Gerardus-Majella Gesticht)
    Hoge-Keppel (Kasteel Ulenpas")
    Avegoor (Barrakken der Ned. SS?)

    I would like to find out more - especially which German medical units were present at the time.

    In Anholt, near Gendringen, there was a main dressing station ("Hauptverbandplatz 61"), probably run by Fallschirm-Sanitäts-Kompanie 61 or 1. Kompanie Fallschirm-Sanitäts-Abteilung 6. After Anholt Castle was bombed on March 21st, the main dressing station left - maybe to Gendringen?

    Any help would be welcome...
    Thank you!
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    Oh dear - Fallschirmjäger units towards the end of the war are a euphemism for organisational anarchy!
    I have only been able to gather fragments of the organisation 20/21 FschJDiv for March - April 45 for years

    However, good news are:
    Mark and Rene Westendorp run a private museum about the WW2 in Dinxperlo and are also very active there in relation to "our" Fallis in the region
    Could imagine that they might be able to help.
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    Thanks, Itdan. I am going to Dinxperlo quite regularly - shopping for cheese & some Belgian beers... Never knew about the museum - I will get in touch with them.
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    Alberk - Try to get hold of the KTB of the Stabsarzt II. FS Korps.

    I got a fragment of it from a friend some years ago, only dealing with Feb 45. The KTB is available at the Bundesarchiv Militararchiv.
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