"Gert and Daisy" - the Sunderlands in Burma

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    Is it possible to source this edition of Dekho magazine at all?

    That letter from his Mother & the New Testament Bible were with my hero to the very end and now in safe keeping by his eldest child, my Mother.
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    Give me a few days to have an ask around Sharon, I'll get back with news soon.
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    Much appreciated.
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    Hi Sharon,

    I think we might be in luck with the Dekho magazine. Do you want to drop me an email using the hotmail email address found on the last page of the Chindit Society newsletter and we can work out how I can send you the magazine when I receive it from my source. Look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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    * Sadly I was very much mistaken as it seems these 2 items plus Granda's complete bar of original military medals, cap badges,chindit regiment badge, the life story I typed out, the green beret, his military ID disk.... the lot was all removed by greedy members of the family. The same selfish individuals who did not give Granda the send off he deserved. I will never forgive them for ignoring Granda's funeral wishes nor these truly despicable acts I am now learning about. *
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    Brilliant,thanks to all
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    Yes, I have been somewhat unavailable...
    No, the project is not shelved...
    Just going through a series of significant changes of personal circumstances at present...
    Most significant is Gina, my fiancé, who died suddenly on 18th October...
    The photo is of the pair of us in her home town, Essex, Vermont, in June this year...

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