H.M.S. Warspite.

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  1. Peter Clare

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    This photo of H M S Warspite will probably not have been seen before. It was taken by my uncle. Wireman Kenneth Mark Perry DSM. My uncle served on H M S Kingston and H M S Fishguard. The back of the photo reads "Near miss on Warspite, night raid on Alex"

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  2. Owen

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    Any idea on the date ?
  3. Peter Clare

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    I have no idea Owen apart from it must have been 1941 early 42 as at the time my uncle was serving on the destroyer Kingston In the Mediterranean and Kingston was bombed In dock on Malta in April 42 while under repair after sustaining damage during the Second Battle Of Sirte in March of that year.
    I have photos of H M S Duke of York and King George V which I’ll post at some time.
  4. Richelieu

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    Maybe - from War Cabinet’s Weekly Resume (No.95):

    H.M.S. Warspite received slight damage from a near-miss in an air raid on Alexandria on the night of the 22nd/23rd [June 1941].​
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  5. Ewen Scott

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    She suffered significant damage on her starboard side off Crete on 22nd May from several bombs, all of which is described in Burt's British Battleships 1919-1945. That source notes a near miss while in Alexandria on 22/23 June 1941, but the damage must have been very minor in comparison to that already suffered as it doesn't rate analysis. That is the only occasion noted of her being bombed at Alexandria.

    She then left Alexandia on the 25th or 26th June to sail via Singapore and Honolulu for repair and refit at the USN Bremerton Navy Yard between Aug & Dec 1941. After that she sailed via Sydney to join the Eastern Fleet at Trincomalee at the end of March 1942. I don't think she revisited Aleaxandria again in her career.

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