HAA used as Artillery Florence 1944

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    By 15th August 67 Field Regiment were advancing on Florence.
    Alongside them was C Troop London Passenger Transport Board Territorials HAA .

    They parted company on 22nd August when 67 moved forward to stay within range of their infantry,
    leaving the HAA Troop to share the position at Galluzzo with an American Battery of Long Toms.

    Early on 2nd September the Gordons out on a strong patrol to Prato with tanks and a FOO Party from 266 Battery encountered heavy opposition when out of range of 67 Regiments guns.

    The Heavy Anti Aircraft guns of C Troop London Passenger Transport and their neighbouring American Long Toms opened fire under direction of 266 Battery FOO's quietening the opposition and allowing the patrol to withdraw.

    It was the first time the Gordons had experienced Anti Aircraft air burst as artillery and were very impressed with the results.
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    On 26th August 1 Div advanced.
    From 2IB one company of The Loyals was set against Fiesole.
    It was a day of constant Mike,Uncle and Victor targets, particularly on Castel Poggio where 66 IB were having a very hard time.
    The constant heavy fire over two days brought a serious response of enemy return fire felt by the gun end.
    C Troop of th Heavy Anti Aircraft had four casualties, one of them fatal and the hate continued over the whole area for half an hour.
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    3.7 doing ground bombardment in Normandy from 35s. Film 99% certain to be Canadian raw footage and the original film lost.
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    Target ID Mike = Regiment
    Uncle = Division
    Victor = Corps
    William = Army
    Yoke = Army Group

    A call from a FOO once rapidly confirmed by necessary higher echelons can result in devastating fire on the selected target.
    The British Army were leaders in this field and is the why they used officers for OP or Forward Observation rather than NCOs.
    Other countries i.e. USA tended to use NCO,s who then had to seek authorisation to escalate fire requests.
    Just like the RAF the Royal Artillery lost relatively large numbers of officers in the front line accompanying infantry.
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    The reason for the p.s. on the 1st posting above was that his brother Graham was a lieuenant in HAA in the UK and desperately wanted to go abroad. A following letter revealed that he was tranferred to become an interpreter as he spoke fluent German their mother was multi lingual. He stayed in the uk so never got his wish to see foreign climes.
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    The London Passenger Transport Board Territorials were first class gunners.
    They stayed with the Regiment a long time.
    For their action with the 67th their Troop Commander was awarded the MC.
    It was always a frantic task for Major Kerr to find them positions owing to their flat trajectory and their very loud crack made a strange and very unpleasant accompaniment until the Regiment became used to their noise and resulting tremors and vibrations.

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