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    In Alan Cooper’s book Wot! No Engines F/Sgt. John Crane, an RAF Glider pilot, identifies himself as the man on the left of the Hamminkeln sign opposite a rifleman from the 1st Battalion (Airborne) Royal Ulster Rifles. Crane was with F Squadron took off from Earls Colne on the 24th March 1945 landed in a Horsa glider taking passengers from the Ulster Rifles with a jeep and trailer his was co-pilot was fellow RAF Glider pilot F/O. John Arnold.

    The photograph was taken on the 25th March 1945 by Sgt. Christie, if the dope sheet is correct. I am not sure but I think I have seen somewhere the rifleman identified but just seeing if anyone else knew who he is. I assume he was one of Crane's passengers; he could be an officer but there are no pips on the smock, that doesn’t mean definitively he is not an officer.

    Also it looks like Crane has the hammer back on his pistol! Maybe when they were photographed they were not out of the woods yet.
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    I looked on Pegasus and paradata but no names. Maybe in a book? Go to it etc etc?

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    The only 1 RUR Officer I've come across that wears glasses is Capt. Bob Sheridan and he was transferred to 2nd Para Battalion prior to Op Varsity. F Squadron GPR flew out of RAF Gosfield and the 1 RUR left from Gosfield, Birch and Rivenhall. I have yet to come across an RUR Officer group photo taken just before Varsity.

    The photo turns up on a few sites that discuss the pistol that F/Sgt. John Crane is holding, a 9mm Inglis (Browning) semi-automatic, which has an interesting history and went by a variety of other names.

    Canada to replace 1940s Browning Hi-Powers with new pistol
    Was the Inglis Pistol or the Patchett Machine Carbine at Arnhem 1944?

    Odd, is the man to the right holding something in his mouth? I could be seeing things ... :)

    Hamminkeln Sign Crop.JPG

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    Zooming in closer, it looks like a dangling shoulder epaulet. I think that light mark is the button hole.
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    Yeah that makes more sense. He may have lost a button and his slightly opened mouth lines up with the dangling epaulet. Thanks!
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    I have a candidate
    officer of 2FOU
    How about Tommy Giles?
    Right time,
    Right Place,
    Not too sure about the cap badge though,can anyone make it out? 2FOU Officers.JPG
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    chap in post #1 has a RUR cap badge , Giles has a Gunner officer's flaming bomb cap badge.

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