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    Re. Harold Rawdon Briggs

    Harold Rawdon Briggs - Wikipedia

    There's a mention of someone with what appears to be this name visiting the 24th Lancers and the SRY on this day in 1944, just prior to D-day.


    24th L War Diary - 9/5/44 Maj-Gen.Briggs, DSO. visited the Regiment


    & SRY - War Diary - 9th May 1944 -

    HQ Sqn + A Sqns photos were taken in the grounds of the Officers Mess.
    Major-Gen. H.R. Briggs, D.S.O. visited the D.D. Sqns during the morning.
    Our C.O. lunched with him at Bde and he visited A + HQ Sqns during the afternoon.
    The T.A. visited Fawley during the morning, and attended a conference at Bde (under B.O.O.) to meet an ordanance Officer from Chilwell.

    Looking at the wiki - Harold Rawdon Briggs - Wikipedia

    I suppose it is just possible that the above was in the UK on the 9th May 1944, though it's a bit intriguing, and might just have been someone with a similar name, perhaps.

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    And see also - Major General Briggs arriving on 25th Dragoons Lee "Shrewsbury"in the relief of The Admin Box 24th February 1944 | WW2Talk

    Edit: re. Post below - Thanks, that seems like it could be the right Briggs. :)

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