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  1. Hi Everyone. My name is Phil and live in Northern Ireland. I came on here looking for my great uncle, which I found on this site. So thank u very much.
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    hello & welcome from someone in Co. Down.

    How far along is the research into your g. uncle?
  3. Only started over the last few days. He didn't really speak about what he done during the war. I just knew he was in the Reconnaissance Corp and was awarded the Military Medal and the medal was presented to him by Field Marshall Montgomery. I know this as I have a signed picture of him and Montgomery pinning the medal on him.
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    Hello and welcome, have you a name, number and regiment? No doubt you have come across the wealth of info on here concerning the Reconnaissance Corps. My father was 56th. Good luck.
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome. Up until today I only knew he was in the Reconnaissance Corps and of course his name. I only found out today through this site his service number and which regiment in the corp he was with. I wouldnt mind getting a copy of his citation of his award for his military medal. But I don't know how to go about it. So any help would be welcomed.
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    Welcome aboard Phil.
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  8. I actually found it on this site. But like I said I was looking a copy for myself. His name is Frederick Armstrong Cpl (acting) service no. 4275954. Reconnaissance Corp. Royal Armoured Corp. It was posted in the London Gazette of his award on 12th July 1945.
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    Oh I see, just download it & print it off :)
  10. It doesn't seem to give me an option to download it. :wacko:
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    are you on a phone/tablet or laptop ?
    On laptop just right click & ''save as..''
  12. On mobile phone lol. I'll sort that out when I finish work tonight. Thank you for your help.
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    That'd be here then, posted by Recce Mitch.
    Decorations and Awards to Members of the Reconnaissance Corps

    LG pages
    War Office, 12th July, 1945.
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in North West Europe:—
    The Military Medal
    No. 4275954 Corporal (acting) Fred ARMSTRONG, Reconnaissance Corps, Royal Armoured Corps (Darlington).
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    Signatures from Horrocks, Crerar and Montgomery. Very nice.
  15. Also have a picture of Montgomery presenting the medal to him and it is also signed by Monty.
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    Hi welcome to the forum. Great to have another recce on board.

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  18. Hi Paul. Thanks for the welcome. Unfortunately I myself was not in the Recce. But I did proudly serve queen and country.
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    With the name 'Armstrong' and an original Royal Northumberland Fusilier, was he from Newcastle/Northumberland?

    His service number is from the Royal Northumberland Fusilier's block of numbers and as you are likely aware, 3rd Recce was originally the 8th Bn RNF.
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  20. Hi Steve. He certainly was from the North East. I believe that he was born in Richmond Castle as his father was the blacksmith for the castle ( not 100% sure tho ). I do remember him telling me that as a boy he played in the grounds of castle and he lived in part of it. I was also told that after being presented his medal by Monty that he transferred my uncle to his staff as a dispatch rider. Again he told me this but would love to find out more on this.

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